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Dawning Spire is a Spire, activated at the Howling Rock Runic Hall. Howling Rock, the region where it's located in, is guarded by the Earthshakers in Act II.

Note that this article concerns only this specific Spire. For a general overview of Spire functionality, see Spires of Terratus.


Nestled among the mountains of the Stone Sea, the Dawning Spire and its twin, the Aurora Spire, watch over the remnants of Azure. Its position to the east ensures that it is one of the first places in the Tiers to see the rising sun, though few successfully reach this location.

The Dawning Spire in Howling Rock gives the impression of slow, inexorable movement, like a glacier of living stone. Unstoppable force moves at a pace that no eye could follow. The tower's very immobility is a pretense.


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