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Crossing the Oldwalls is a quest in Tyranny.


Raetommon has gone deep into the Oldwalls with Forge-Bound Master Zdenya. Rescue her in order to enlist the first members of your rebel alliance.


  • Deal with Flatfoot Ferris at the entrance. Kill him or use Subterfuge 57 to acquire the Amith Torchkey. If you have Welby tag along, you'll need to use Lore 38 or Subterfuge 43 to talk him down. Failing to convince Ferris to hand down will result in a party member offering to obtain the Torchke for you when you ask about it. Accepting their offer will give you Loyalty with that member and allow you to proceed without fighting Ferris.
  • Make your way through Twin Rivers Oldwalls - Brotherhood Camp by activating the beacon with the Amith and extending the bridges. Head northwest to Twin Rivers Oldwalls - Depths.
  • Make your way towards the north-western corner of the location, picking up the Rho Torchkey on the way. Use it to power up the beacon. In the beacon room, use the Citren on the upper left beacon, Rho on the central, and Amith on the upper right beacon to activate the floorplate.
  • Use it to open the door to the side. Continue to Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls - Antechamber.
  • Approach the central platform to confront Raetommon. After wading through his gloating, indicating that he's gone completely bonkers, you can attack or intimidate him (Athletics 52) to hand over the torchkey. The latter option causes him to attack, but he does so without the support of the Bane or the Havoc.
  • Use the torchkeys on the beacons to return outside. The Emir (green) goes to the lower left beacon, Citren (yellow) to lower right, Rho (red) to upper left, Amith (violet) to the upper right.
  • Crap. After three torchkeys are activated, the Havoc wakes up and attack. Kill it. Pick up the Greater Healing Potion recipe from its remains.
  • Head upstairs. Welby arrives and they talk to you together with Zdenya. Decide whether you want the superior weapons and armor of the Forge-Bound for your rebel alliance or the talent and experience of the Bronze Brotherhood.
    • This also affects which faction you'll be able to recruit in the Stone Sea. Siding with Zdenya will give you access to the Earthshakers, while Welby will allow for recruiting Stonestalkers.
  • Go to Eldian and talk to him. Decide what to do with the Magebane; if you intend to Betray Alliance, hold onto the helmet. You can always return the helmet before Act III starts.
  • Note that the Vendrien Guard has become the Crossing's new garrison.
  • Return to Tarkis Arri.