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No. Claws-at-Throat sees only mewling first-season cub before Beastwoman now. Sees only tenderfoot. Only weak whelp fit to chase injured, dying prey, not best fighters on battlefield.

Claws-at-Throat is a character in Tyranny.


A huge, powerful Beastwoman that towers over her peers, Claws-at-Throat joined the Scarlet Chorus to fight. She is an incredibly deadly foe sick of humans who cannot recognize apex predators and violate her personal space. She joined the Chorus out of respect for the social structure of the organization and particularly the ruthlessness and strength of Voices of Nerat. Her attraction to the Archon borders on sexual, which might be terrifying if Voices wasn't already a walking terror.

Claws-at-Throat was born to an unnamed tribe before humans pushed the Beast tribes out of Azure. She joined the Stonestalker tribe after liberating herself from her captors and fought alongside Cairn's tribes. After the Archon was defeated, she joined the Chorus to continue fighting.


This character has other interactions.

Claws offers the first opportunity to interact with the Beasts, giving insight into their mentality and thinking.

Other interactions[]

  • You can learn a couple things about the Beasts of Terratus. With Athletics 23, you can even gain loyalty with Verse by boasting that you could take Clawsy.
  • You can also offer Claws a gift of blood and bone.This decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png
  • With hunter background you can mention you were raised by a beast tribe. This will give you This decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.pngand This decision grants FavorSymbol stonestalker.png