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Call to Arms is a quest in Tyranny.


Graven Ashe has called all Disfavored forces back to Iron Hearth to regroup before making a final push into Cacophony to defeat the Voices of Nerat.

Although you have declared yourself an Archon, Graven Ashe has still summoned you to meet with him at Iron Hearth.


  • As Graven Ashe is an Archon and there can be only one, Ashe will demand proof of your loyalty by killing Voices of Nerat. You can kill him to hamstring the Disfavored... Or convince him to swear fealty to you.
    • Note: If you don't get any dialogue to have him swear fealty, you have to first complete the assault on Cacophony.
    • First, use Lore 63, or Disfavored Favor 3, to point out that he's wrong about the Tiers and their culture.
    • Then, ask him to submit and state that you are the Disfavored's true General.
    • With Disfavored Favor 4, Ashe will be given pause and then transfer command - and authority over him - to you. Otherwise, you have to kill Ashe and his personal guards.
  • Assault Cacophony. Slaughter everyone in your way to reach Voices of Nerat. There are two ways of handling Nerat:
    • Killing it: Nerat will teleport across the arena, periodically summoning fragments of the people it consumed, trying to keep itself away from combat. Keep it dazed and use everything in your arsenal to focus fire. If you can, ignore whatever fragment's attacking you and keep hammering. Eventually, it'll collapse and deliver its last words. It's just advice.
    • Verse's personal quest: If you have The Third Degree active, you can sacrifice Verse to Nerat, but note the Betray Alliance.
  • Return to Ashe. Or if you have his fealty, the mission will be complete.
  • If he didn't swear fealty to you before you went to Cacophony, you can have him do so now (refer to above bullet points).