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The imperial calendar is the official system of time keeping used in lands controlled by Kyros. It was designed by the Overlord to impose a rigid order on the world, partly through divorcing the system from any natural basis. In fact, the Lunar calendar once used is explicitly forbidden in official use. The imperial reckoning slowly pushes Lunar-based timekeeping out of general use. At the present, Five Wives and various backwater areas are the only places where Lunar calendar dominates.

Date format[]

The official way to declare time is:

(Day), Nth Day of (Span), (Year)


(Day), Nth Fist of (Span), (Year)

There are five days per fist (week), five fists (weeks) per span (month), and fourteen spans per year. Years use True Reckoning dates.


The imperial calendar sees five days in a week (called a Fist), named after social roles important to Kyros' Empire:

Warrior's Day → Healer's Day → Judge's Day → Farmer's Day → Smith's Day

The original Lunar calendar had seven days, named after maritime concepts:

Anchor Day → Port Day → Ship’s Day → Tide’s Day → Sail’s Day → Horizon Day → Moon Day

Both systems rely on a 24 hour day. The only difference is that the Lunar calendar also divided the day into three "watches", based on the eight hour orbit of the Interloper.


Fists are the functional equivalent of Lunar weeks, although limited to five days, not seven. They are numbered sequentially in a span and have no special names.


Spans are equivalent to Months. Each span is 26 days long (25+1), due to Kyros' Day, an extra day added at the end of the five fists for rest.

  1. Forgefire
  2. Tempering
  3. Storms
  4. Swords
  5. Blood
  6. Conquest
  7. Rapax
  8. Siege
  9. Flames
  10. Reaping
  11. Ruin
  12. Feasting
  13. Shadow
  14. Frostfall


Every year has 364 days and 1 additional day (Year's End Day), for a total of 365 days per year.

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