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Cairn is the Archon of Stone and a major character in Tyranny.


As tall as the hills, Cairn is the Archon of Stone, hailing from the far-flung peaks of Tortalus. He is a master of earth and soil, destroyer of mountains and cities. Originally known as the Wild Man of the Hills, he was subdued by Graven Ashe in 402 TR,[1] becoming the reluctant servant of Kyros.

He was the leader of the Earthshaker Guild, though less their teacher and more their object of study. It is from Cairn that the Earthshakers derived their magical ability to shape and manipulate the rock and soil of Terratus. When Cairn rebelled against Kyros, the Earthshakers remained with the Disfavored. Their detractors say they only stayed because they couldn't locate their Archon to join him in rebellion. Regardless of the reason, their loyalty earned them Graven Ashe's protection after the Overlord issued an Edict to destroy the rebellious Archon.

The massive Archon was sworn to Graven Ashe, and provided arcane support to the Disfavored war effort. During the Conquest, Cairn was a vital asset. In the Apex campaign of 429 TR, the Disfavored sent their most destructive ally to crush Edgering Fort. Cairn buried the stronghold under an avalanche triggered from the surrounding mountains. However, the most critical events occurred in 430 TR. The nation of Azure, once the richest settlement of the Tiers, sat on a verdant, fertile plain. As the Disfavored clashed with Azure's defenders, the Scarlet Chorus contended against the region's tribal Beastmen, who protected their ancestral lands with incredible fury. Kyros dispatched Cairn to break the stalemate and force Azure into submission. The colossal man of stone and flesh arrived as instructed, but earning his cooperation was a tall order.

He carved a deadly path through Azure, using his powers to blight the land. The Scarlet Chorus complained that his tactics left no farmland to feed the growing army. Since Cairn marched with the Disfavored, the Scarlet Chorus held the legion responsible for the destruction and lost harvests. As the campaign progressed, Cairn's behavior grew more erratic. Eventually, the Archon of Stone refused to rejoin the war camp, loudly denying Kyros’ claim over Azure and enlisting the aid of Beast tribes to support his own claim on the ruined nation. Soon after, word arrived that Kyros would dispatch this rebellious minion with an Edict of Stone. As he sensed his approaching doom, Cairn began an assault on Plainsgate, the largest human settlement of the area. As the Fatebinder read the Edict of Stone, the earth under the battlefield groaned open, spitting up outcroppings of rock that obliterated the surrounding landscape for miles. When the land heaved open to take Cairn, the Archon allowed it with serene acceptance.

The Edict did not kill him, but turned the Archon into a massive creature of permanently petrified stone. The Earthshakers set up a perimeter around his remains, studying and experimention on his remains. Meanwhile, Cairn slowly dies, the very land on which he rests shaking with each breath he takes.


This character has no special interactions.

While Cairn is not interacted with directly, he's a major influence in the Stone Sea region, thanks to the Edict of Stone. In all paths, lifting the Edict is a boost to the Fatebinder's fame.

  • In the Disfavored path, the Earthshakers decide to use his remaining essence to blight the Stone Sea.
  • In the Scarlet Chorus path, lifting the Edict is a major boost to the Chorus's grip in the Stone Sea.
  • In the Rebel path, the Stonestalkers and Earthshakers are in conflict over his legacy.
    • The Stonestalkers want to keep him alive, thus ensuring that the Edict remains.
    • The Earthshakers want to give him a peaceful death and has prepared a ritual for the occasion.
  • In the Anarchist path, lifting the Edict is optional; Cairn himself lies near the Dawning Spire, so access to the Spire is blocked by the Earthshakers.

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Shattered Stone.jpg Shattered Stone Kill Cairn while on the Anarchist Path.