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Blade Grave runic hall is a location in Tyranny. It allows access to Ocean Spire, once the correct glowing pattern is drawn.


This chamber immediately reminds you of Ascension Hall. An intricate rune running along the floor can only mean one thing - you stand at the feet of a great Spire. Each step you take echoes across a great distance. As you gaze upward, the sage-colored walls quickly give way to unending blackness.

The rune in the center of the floor is inactive, and the silence of the hall offers no clues as to its use or function. You feel a slight tug in your chest, a faint echo of the energy that enveloped you at Vendrien's Well.

Points of interest[]

  • Approach the pattern on the floor. Replicate the following pattern (you draw lines by selecting two points you want to connect):
  • Activate the teleporter. Once activated, the teleporter allows map travel.