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Blade Grave Oldwalls - West is a location in Tyranny.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to the western section. More Bane, more areas to explore. Pick through the pockets of the body here to find a bloody note.
  • Continue onwards and dispose of the Bane. Pick up the Chunk of Mysterious Metal from the altar. Continue further. Use the torchkeys on the symbols to access the upper levels.
  • The small area by the entrance is locked. To enter it, you need to use the small button in the corridor next to it, this will toggle the doors in the corridor and allow access. Dispatch one character to activate it, then enter the room with the rest of the party and wipe out the Wisp. With 59 Lore, you will find a level III Sigil of Timeless Form (duration). In the locker is another Stone of Elucidation.
  • Head upstairs and collect the Heavy Keystone from the chest (mind the hidden locker on the way).
  • Head further in and take another charcoal rubbing of the rune, a locked chest, and a switch that activates the bridge below.
  • Cross the bridge and press the button on the floor to open the door back. Use the passageway to reach Blade Grave Oldwalls - East.