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Blade Grave Oldwalls - East is a location in Tyranny.

Points of interest[]

  • The entry hall is trapped (mind the openings on the walls). Dispose of the Scourge.
  • The lower left-hand exit to the Western part of the Oldwalls can be unlocked by entering the area from that side or by circling around. Use the glowing switch on the floor to open the door.
  • Use the switch on the floor to cross the chasm. With Lore 55, take rubbing of the rune on the wall to learn the Sigil of Directed Force. The locked chest has more healing items and some camping supplies.
  • The Malices and Wisps nearby can be lured over the trap (the openings in the floor) to take damage while you lure them in. Enter the room below to open the next part of the sector.
  • Fight off the malice and the horde of Wisps by using the doorway as a chokepoint. The hidden area in the triggered Bane catch to the side contains a Tidecaster's Opal. Use a torchkey on the beacon to activate the wall switch.
  • Enter the altar room. The locked chest contains Harbinger's Wings while the dais has the Ambir Torchkey.
  • Heading over the bridge in the north-east leads you first to the entrance to the Blade Grave Runic Hall. The corridor to the side (mind the two traps) leads to the beacon chamber.
  • Use the crystals on the beacons to unlock the room beyond. The correct order is Blue, Red, Yellow. Failing to use the correct color will summon increasingly powerful bane, up to two Malices.
  • Mind the trap. Pilfer the chest for Skorn plans.
  • Enter the room beyond to find the Gravebow in the locker alongside the Bright Keystone.
  • Study the rune on the wall (55 Lore) to learn the Sigil of Spellsurge.