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Blade Grave is a location in Tyranny. It is the starting region in Act II for the Disfavored path. In the Scarlet Chorus path, it's one of two choices for the starting region, the other being the Burning Library.


The Blade Grave is the name given to what remains of the Realm of Stalwart, after its ruination when Kyros proclaimed the Edict of Storms upon the lands. The magical storms struck the Disfavored and Unbroken armies during the height of their engagement, now most of what remains is a blighted landscape of discarded armor and weapons, and high winds of rust and human dust.

Graven Ashe commands the Disfavored from Iron Hearth. Within the region, the Disfavored is at a stalemate with the Unbroken. On the other hand, a Scarlet Chorus gang led by Jagged Remedy has entrenched itself at Trapper's Junction, poised to recruit Mattias to the Chorus.



  • In non-Rebel paths, the Unbroken are a constant enemy, although you may recruit some in the Scarlet Chorus path.