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Your plan has been a rousing success. Most of our troops, dead. A bridge, destroyed. And the Vendrien Guard push us back to where we started. Ladies and gentlemen, the finest the North has to offer. And for your next act?

Bitter Quip is a character in Tyranny.


Emissary from the Scarlet Chorus, responsible for supporting the Disfavored efforts, at least nominally. Bitter Quip runs a gang with plenty of Scarlet Furies and he's notoriously protective of them, to the point that he's willing to sabotage the entire operation just to keep them alive.

Quip is an alumnus of the School of Wild Wrath, who joined the Chorus in 428 TR, several weeks before the fall of Bastard City. He has held a position of power within the Chorus for the past three years and doesn't miss the comforts of his previous life: On the contrary, he relishes the power and fear he wields now.


This character is involved in quests.

The Battle of Echocall Crossing


  • The Battle of Echocall Crossing: Bitter Quip is essentially sabotaging the attempt to cross the Matani. You can motivate him through a variety of ways. Choosing to follow the Scarlet Chorus in infiltrating the Tiers allows you to ask him about the fate of the Harbingers you were running with.

Other interactions[]

  • Quip offers information on the Chorus, Blood Chanters, and the Voices of Nerat.
  • After The Battle of Echocall Crossing, Salveros is found at the Scarlet Chorus camp arguing with Bitter Quip. He accuses the Blood Chanter of killing two Disfavored by proxy, as the Chanter's spell of Frenzy, cast to keep two insurgents in the battle and thus eliminate them, contributed to the death of Devona and Ceveus the Swift in the skirmish. He insists that Quip be sentenced. Quip, on the other hand, cites Magician's Folly, a Kyros law that specifies the mages are not at fault if someone was harmed and the magic was cast for the glory of the Overlord. Quip dies if he is accused of aiding the enemy or violating Kyros' laws.