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Battered but Unbroken is a quest in Tyranny.


You have chosen to seek out the aid of the Unbroken, one of the best fighting forces in the Tiers. Make contact with the rebels and do whatever is necessary to gain their trust and loyalty.


  • Travel to Sentinel Stand. Head northwest to the windwall. Defeat the Bane that attack you.
  • Approach Janos on the battlements. Talk to him and he'll explain the situation, giving you an introduction to Captain Agathon at Duskwatch Fort.
  • Approach the fort and talk to Agathon. Though skeptical of your sincerity, he will accept your help and give you the chance to earn the Unbroken's trust. You will help patch up the fort, unless you have the Noble Scion background, allowing you to balk at the thought. Note that repairing the fort counts as resting.
  • At night, you are sent out to verify the fate of a missing patrol. Find it outside the eastern wall to learn that the Disfavored are preparing to assault Duskwatch under Osmios' command. Return to Agathon.
  • The attack will commence shortly. First, defend the fort against an incursion by skirmishers sneaking in over the walls to the north-east. Afterwards, aid in the defense of the front gate.
  • After the Disfavored are repulsed, interrogate Callias. You will be asked to aid Mattias at the Trapper's Junction after he spills the beans.