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Barik is one of the companions. He is a Commander of the Stone Shields, and is well-regarded by the elite inner circle of the Disfavored high command. Barik served in Stalwart (now known as the Blade Grave), where he marched at the vanguard in countless battles.

He is the quintessential Disfavored soldier. He embodies all of the rigid and uncompromising values that Graven Ashe’s iron legion holds dear. He’s polite, respectful of authority, and doggedly intolerant of anyone born outside of the Overlord’s long shadow.


Barikonen, as his full name goes, grew up at Battle's Rest before joining the Disfavored in 425 TR, securing a future for his parents under the care of Disfavored. Already a capable warrior, he was the perfect addition to the Stone Shields thanks to his size and strength. Following basic training at Fort Resolution, he was assigned by the Iron Marshal to the Stone Shields' Second Cohort. His strong nerve and unwavering obedience quickly drew the eye of his superiors. Barik received several battlefield promotions before drawing the eye of Archon Graven Ashe, leader of the Disfavored. Sent to ever more challenging fronts, most importantly the conquest of the Tiers from 428 TR onwards. From the Gates of Judgment and Vendrien Pass, through Occon's Ring and a quick tour in Baris-in-Chains, to Stalwart.[1]

It was one desperate mission that led to Barik’s undoing. During the war against the Tiers, Barik did not retreat with the rest of the Disfavored when word came that the Overlord Kyros was about to proclaim an Edict upon the realm of Stalwart. Instead, he joined a select group that embarked on a daring rescue mission to the heart of Sentinel Stand Keep: to save Amelia, Graven Ashe's daughter and sister-in-arms captured early in the Stalwart campaign. When the Edict struck and ruined any chance of success, Barik faced a harsher punishment than disgrace. Unlike the rest of his squad, he survived to witness Kyros’ judgment on Stalwart.[2]

As Kyros’ Edict of Storms swept across the land, Barik was caught in the magical winds – winds that bore the weapons and armor of Barik’s phalanx and the enemies they fought. When the initial onslaught of the Edict subsided, Barik was found still alive, but trapped in a prison of twisted blades. To this day, Barik wears his armor of fused iron and bronze – durable protection, yet an unyielding mark of his failure. No one has been able to free him from the armor he was sealed into by Kyros’ Edict. He hopes to spend his rusting years in Fretten Shores... though he prefers to die in glorious battle, to avoid an eternity of rusting away.[3]

Barik remains popular with the troops thanks to his bulk and personality. In fact, prior to his "imprisonment", many troops took a liking to his conduct in battle and the ability to heft broadswords many find unwieldy. They would add weights to their training gear to toughen up and even named blades after the young Barikonen.[4]


These plates have something of me in them. They are as wicked as a bramble patch, as stubborn as a fortress... and hopelessly flawed.

Barik is permanently fused to the armor. The suit of literal junk is a literal pain in his side. Half-broken, smelling of a midden, and perpetually jabbing his side with barbed caltrops. However, as the armor saved him from the destruction of Stalwart, where thousands of others lost their lives, he continues to wear it (not like he has a choice). While it may not be up to Disfavored standard, it serves well enough on the battlefield - if only to intimidate the enemy. Overall, Barik considers it a lesson, a reminder, and yes - a prison. It is also something more: To quote Lantry, It's an armor fastened in ideas. Notably, it hasn't shown any sign of structural weakening, and Barik's maintenance regimen is all that keeps it from rusting solid. It's likely that should he stop applying oil and give in to entropy, the shell would harden to a degree that no forgemaster has ever seen. He speculates it could very well stand for as long as the Oldwalls, with Barik's skeleton peering out from the depths. And someday, not even that.[5]

Now, Barik's quality of life is a separate thing. Emptying his bowels is difficult, especially the cleanup. He also sinks in water.[6]


Barik has his parents and, by virtue of his father's visit to the Tiers, a half-sister: Verse. She learnt of it after hunting down missive birds and recovering a letter to Barik. The handwriting was identical to a missive Verse remembered from her mother's belongings. After some heated words and a blackmail attempt, the two settled into a coexistence that's as dysfunctional as a repressed Northern hothead and a borderline psychotic Tierswoman can be.[7]


This character is a party member.
This character trains skills. Regular trainers can train skills up to 75.

Two-Handed Weapons or One-Handed Weapons (+5 ranks once, with Loyalty or Fear 2)

This character is involved in quests.

Battle of Echocall Crossing
The Weight of AegisNever Free


  • Barik is first met at the Disfavored camp. Talk to Iron Marshal Erenyos to get him to join as you prepare to cross the river at Echocall Crossing.
  • Barik will leave your employ permanently if you side with the Chorus and don't convince him to stay afterwards. With Fear 1, he will actually strike you, allowing you to use Lore 32 to take him on as an unwilling vassal of yours (striking a member of the Court is a death sentence otherwise) or Athletics 32 to get him in line. With the Soldier background, you can make him see that both Archons are unstable at the moment, and as you promise to put them back in line, he joins you.

Companion quest[]

Fucking shit on an ill-starred Beast mother of asses!
  • The Weight of AegisNever Free: These two quests allow you to learn the nature of Barikonen's armor and eventually divest him of it. After peeling the armor, you can make Barik wash himself in a random encounter on the world map (simply travel to Bastard's Wound and it should fire). Cleaned-up Barik is... Kind of attractive, actually.

Combat role[]

See Barik talents for a complete breakdown of Barik's talents.

Barik is still a soldier, even after his experience with the Edict. He's designed to engage enemies, occupy their attention, and take blows. His dogged perseverance acts as a shield for the rest of the party. His Talent trees are designed to maximize his utility, either as a Sentinel, fighting battles on his terms and absorbing damage, or a Punisher, bringing swift wrath to those who attack him.

Barik's armor cannot be replaced without completing Never Free or starting NG+ with his memento; it can only be upgraded with a Forge upgrade. The upgrades cost:

  • Bronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 5 Spire resource iron L.png 1 for level 2,
  • Bronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 10 Spire resource iron L.png 2 for level 3,
  • Bronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 35 Spire resource iron L.png 4 for level 4,
  • Bronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 50 Spire resource iron L.png 7 for the final upgrade.

Each level also requires 0, 1, 2, 3, and 6 recruits respectively.

Other interactions[]

  • Barik will comment on the world and your accomplishments. With a high loyalty, he will also offer to aid you.
    • At Ironhaul Trail, he will offer to deal with Will. A punch to the face leaves Will's face crunched.This decision incurs WrathSymbol bronzebrotherhood.png
  • At higher experience and loyalty/fear levels, Barik will offer various interactions.
    • After meeting Graven Ashe at Iron Hearth, he can be asked about the state of his armor. He will explain that he grows fearful of what the disappearance of the miasmatic odor that surrounded him might mean. He fears that he's dead inside, nothing more than a rusty armor bound to the spirit of a once great Disfavored soldier. You can explore the topic and learn that Barik actually does not want to shed his armor (as Lantry comments, an armor "fastened in ideas"). It's a reminder of his service and he walked in it from Stalwart-that-was ever since his failure at Sentinel Stand.
  • If you side against the Disfavored, Barik will complain and declare you a traitor. You can talk him down or use Athletics 29 to punch him in the gut and make him stand down. Still, he will serve you and even attempt to mediate between you and Ashe in the final confrontation. Obviously, he will fail.


  • Starting the rebel quest line (by letting Pelox Tyrel go) and The Oathbreakers reduces loyalty and increases fear by an average amount each.
    • Loyalty can be regained in Act II, if you inform Barik that you are only using the Rebels (Subterfuge check).
  • Barik appreciates devotion to the legion, noble conduct, and displays of authority.
  • Locations
  • Interactions
    • State that you're honored to have him in your service when you recruit him (average).
    • Ask Iron Marshal Erenyos about who is the strongest in her outfit and compliment Barik when she replies about his regulation uniform (average).
    • Release Halfways-Dead into civilian life at the Iron Hearth (average).
    • Likes siding with him when Eb comments on the defiance of the Tiersmen during the conversation with Ashe at the Iron Hearth (average).
    • Ask him about the Voices of Nerat and state that you heard its tears can curdle dairy (average).
  • Quests
  • Conquest:
  • Barik dislikes disloyalty to Graven Ashe and barbaric behavior.
  • Quests:
  • Interactions:
    • Dislikes asking him about masturbation in his state (average).
    • Dislikes siding with Eb when Barik comments on the defiance of the Tiersmen during the conversation with Ashe (average).
  • Conquest:



Fatebinder: "How do you... take pleasure from life?"

Barik: "Are we actually talking about this, Fatebinder? Do you have nothing better to do than wonder how I access my nether regions for a frenzied bout of self-interest?"

Verse: "I don't want to hear this! How do I even run far enough to avoid it?" Verse plugs her ears and winces against the inevitable.

Barik: "Well I can't, and not from lack of trying. My works are inaccessible from the outside, and much as I've tried to worm my arm out of this sleeve of iron, I would only succeed in dislocating my shoulder."

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
By Our Powers Combined.jpg By Our Powers Combined Successfully use a combo ability with each Companion in the game.
Inspiring Leader.jpg Inspiring Leader Reach maximum Loyalty with a Companion.
Magnetic Personality.jpg Magnetic Personality Recruit every Companion character in the game.
Tyrant.jpg Tyrant Reach maximum Fear with a Companion.


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