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Is it me, or is the magical field of this Spire in motion? Churning? This place seems to come alive to your presence, just like the Mountain Spire did. Only here, instead of a constant, arcane hum, it's more an intermittent scrape and shout. Isn't a steady hum, but an erratic... choir? Waterfall, maybe? All I know for sure is that one of these days, I'm going to write a treatise on the Spires that'll be the envy of... well, the handful of Sages still left.
~ Lantry

Aurora Spire is a Spire in Tyranny, activated in the Gulfglow Runic Hall. Note that this article concerns only this specific Spire. For a general overview of Spire functionality, see Spires of Terratus.


Nestled among the mountains of the Stone Sea, the Dawning Spire and its twin, the Aurora Spire, watch over the remnants of Azure. Its position to the east ensures that it is one of the first places in the Tiers to see the rising sun, though few successfully reach this location.

The Aurora Spire in Gulfglow feels violent and unsettled, like it would claw itself from the earth if it had the strength. The stones, though clean, feel slick with blood. Something of the ritual and turmoil of the Stone Sea has warped this isolated place over the years.


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