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Attributes determine the base values of skills. Each skill has a primary and a secondary attribute that contribute towards the skill’s rank. Primary attributes increase the skill by 1.5x the Attribute value, while secondary attributes increase the skill by 0.5x. The One-Handed Weapons skill, for example, uses Might as its primary and Finesse as its secondary. A character with 15 Might and 10 Finesse would have a base One-Handed Weapons skill of 28 ( 15 Might * 1.5 + 10 Finesse * 0.5 ). Attributes also contribute towards secondary statistics, such as the Endurance, Will, and Arcane resistances.

Increasing an attribute costs one point, until the attribute score reaches 19. To raise an attribute from 19 to 20 requires 2 attribute points, and 3 points for 29 to 30, 4 for 39 to 40, and so on. Attribute points are ultimately limited, as character levels are restricted to 99 in New Game+.

List of attributes[]

  • Might – your character’s physical strength and attack power.
  • Finesse – your character’s physical precision.
  • Quickness – your character’s speed and reaction times.
  • Vitality – physical health and force of personality.
  • Wits – intelligence and arcane potential.
  • Resolve – ability to endure physical and mental challenges.