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Ascension Hall is a location in Tyranny.


The central part of Vendrien's Well Citadel, Ascension Hall was the throne room of the rulers of Apex and a symbol of their influence. After Kyros' conquest, it became merely the heart of Imperial occupation. And then, the center of the insurgency...

Points of interest[]

  • This is a small room that plays a role as the arena of the climactic confrontation between the Vendrien Guard remnants and you and your party - and if you're siding with the rebels, the heart of your alliance.
  • The teleporter allows you to access map travel.




Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Master of Ascension (Act I).jpg Master of Ascension (Act I) Lay claim to Ascension Hall in Kyros' name, ending the Overlord's Edict of Execution.