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Artifacts are powerful magical items that, when wielded, grant their owner a new ability. Artifacts are known throughout the Tiers - and the greater Empire beyond. As an Artifact's reputation grows, its ability becomes more powerful.

Artifacts are carried over to New Game+; 2 artifacts can be selected for inclusion into your inventory on your 1st NG+. The number increases by 1 per new NG+, until a maximum of 9 on your 8th NG+.

Collecting artifacts also increase your fame.

Obtaining artifacts[]

Wearable gear

List of artifact weapons[]

Weapon Base damage Accuracy bonus Recovery penalty Armor penetration Effect Ability
WPN ART 1H OBS Axe Deathbringer L.png

Can be made one-handed or two-handed.
14-17 Slash vs. Parry 1.25 7 Enervating: On weapon critical hit, Target takes -5 Vitality for 20s Scythe of Years: Damage all enemies in a cone, ignoring their armor. All helpful effects on the targets are removed.
12-15 Slash/Pierce vs. Parry 6 0.25 Resolute: On critical hit, foes are Dazed for 9.7s in 2m radius Stalwart Surge: Raise the Dauntless high, releasing a wave of energy to stun all nearby enemies. Damage increases with the Dauntless's Renown.
16-22 Crush vs. Parry 6 0.5 Reverberating: Critical hits with basic attacks deal (x1 Primary Weapon) Random damage vs. Dodge in a 2.5m radius. Blast of Confusion: Raise Final Scream into the air and unleash a chaotic explosion of Energy. All nearby enemies are pushed back, Dazed, and Confused. Duration of afflictions scales with Renown.
9-12 Slash vs. Parry 19 Exsanguinating: +40% damage when below 35% health. Heartseeker: Fire a bouncing bolt of energy. Each enemy that is hit takes piercing damage and transfers health to the wielder. Affected foes suffer reduction Might, Quickness, and Vitality. Healing scales with Renown.
10-16 Pierce vs. Parry 6 0.5 Frostbite: On weapon critical hit, the enemy is Frozen for 12s. Save vs. Endurance Winter's Fang: Freeze an enemy, sealing their fate. When the effect ends, the ice reforms dealing massive Frost damage. Damage scales with Renown.
20-25 Slash/Pierce vs. Parry 2 Charged: On weapon critical hit, deal 24-36 Shock damage to target Stormwheel: Conjure stormclouds overhead, bombarding the area with lightning. Bolts damage foes in an area around the strike. Damage scales with Renown.
24-30 Crush vs. Parry 2.25 5 Oppressing: On weapon critical, -4 Might for 20s on target
Devastating: On weapon critical, push target back 0.5m, interrupt (Weak) for 1s
Bladestorm: Release blades of swirling death. The energy within Peacemaker covers the area with lightning, dealing slash and shock damage to all enemies. Damage scales with Renown.
16-18 Pierce vs. Dodge 2 6 Exhaustion: On weapon critical, target suffers -10% to Magic, Will, and Endurance defenses Chromatic Arrow: Fire a brilliant arrow. All enemies in its path take damage and are Blinded. Any Bane who are struck trigger a small explosion that deals Arcane damage to all Bane in the area. These effects scale with Renown.
10-11 Shock vs. Dodge 0.5 Distortion: +50% Graze and Hit deflection Slowing the Sands: Dramatically slow enemies in a targeted area. Effects scale with Renown.
19-20 Crush vs. Dodge 2.5 Depends on which piece of Cairn was used:
Cairn's Grace: +2 Finesse
Cairn's Potency: +2 Might
Cairn's Haste: +2 Quickness
Cairn's Tenacity: +2 Resolve
Cairn's Form: +2 Vitality
Cairn's Brilliance: +2 Wits
Evocation of Cairn: Enemies in the target area take Crush damage and are Petrified, while allies in the area receive a buff to Might, Vitality, and Resolve, as well as enhanced Armor versus Crush damage. Effects scale.
24-30 Crush vs. Parry 6 1.75 Oppressing: On weapon critical, make target Prone for 4s. Save vs. Endurance
Devastating: On weapon critical, push target back 0.5m, interrupt (Weak) for 1s
Shockwave: Strike all enemies in a line with a massive shockwave of energy. Each enemy hit takes Crush damage until the end of combat. Damage scales with Renown.
12-15 Slash/Pierce vs. Parry 0.75 5 Frostbite: On weapon critical hit, Freeze enemy for 12s. Save vs. Endurance. Winter's Fang: Freeze an enemy, sealing their fate. When the effect ends, the ice reforms dealing massive Frost damage. Damage scales with Renown.

(Bastard's Wound)
12-15 Slash/Pierce vs. Parry 6 +0.25s Defending: +10 Parry per engaging enemy
Arcane Burst: On weapon crit: 14-18 Arcane damage vs. Magic in a 2m radius
Shadow's Treachery: The primordial blade Penumbra turns its victim's shadows against them, wrapping them in their own darkness and weakening them to the sword's ephemeral edge. The time the targets remain afflicted by this power scales with Penumbra's renown.

(Bastard's Wound)
29-36 Slash vs. Parry +2.25s 9 Erratic Magic: Critical hits with basic attacks will cause a random hostile affliction for a short duration. Echoes of the Storm: The weapon drives the wielder's strikes forward, charging them with such power that some necessarily escapes in the form of electricity. These three melee strikes may inflict added lightning damage that increases with the Artifact's renown.

(Bastard's Wound)
16-22 Crush vs. Parry +1s 5 Powered by Edict: +20% Raw Damage Echoes of the Storm: The weapon drives the wielder's strikes forward, charging them with such power that some necessarily escapes in the form of electricity. These three melee strikes may inflict added lightning damage that increases with the Artifact's renown.

(Bastard's Wound)
10-11 Arcane damage vs. Dodge +0.5s Surging: On weapon crit: 18-24 Crush Damage vs. Dodge, Soaked for 15s in a 5m radius Sanguine Gift: Calling on both the water of life and searing rays of Gravelight, Eb establishes a link between her blood and that of her victim, slowly leaching from them their very essence and adding it to her own. The amount of health she drains scales with Wave's Crest's renown.

(Bastard's Wound)
9-12 Slash vs. Parry
14-16 Pierce vs. Dodge (ranged)
+19 +1.25s (ranged) Ethereal Drain: 3 points stolen from a random attribute for 6s Rebounding Blade: Drawing on the ancient magic suffusing this dagger, Circular Reason passes effortlessly through the wielder's enemies only to return to the user by the same path and potentially through the same enemies. The damage inflicted scales with Circular Reason's Renown.

List of artifact equipment[]

Equipment refers to non-weapon items that can be worn by the characters.
Artifact Slot Armor Deflection Recovery penalty Effect Ability
Not applicable
Regent's Pride: +3 Resolve Steadfast Stand: Grant nearby allies resolve and an increased resistance to being knocked prone or pushed back. These effects scale with the Renown.
Not applicable
Balance the Scales: -10% Critical Hit Damage taken; +5% Hit Precision on weapon critical hit. Tipping the Scales: Create a pulsing effect around the wearer that reduces enemy Accuracy and afflicts foes with random hostile effects. Accuracy modifiers scale with artifact's renown.
Not applicable
Ardent Ward: -75% of all damage taken for 8s. Force of Peace: When activated, the wearer of Banner of Ardent is granted a damage absorption shield and any enemy who attacks them is Paralyzed. These effects scale with the Banner of Ardent's renown.
Armor 6 1 Authority: Modifies Apply the Lash, Will of Command, Call to Battle, Resurgence, Undying. Redeploy: Instantly swap positions with a companion. Both of you receive a bonus to Vitality and Finesse until the end of combat. Effect increases with Renown.
Armor 3% Sorcery: +10 to all Magic Skills Aspect of Nightmares: Draw forth the form of a horrifying mask of energy. All enemies within a cone become Terrified. Duration of the Terrified affliction scales with Renown.
Kills-in-Shadow only
Enshrouding: +5% critical, hit, graze deflection, Foe blinded for 10s on receiving critical hit Drowned in Darkness: Kills-in-Shadow calls on the darkness to which she has grown so attuned, wreathing herself in it like a shawl. She re-enters Stealth for a short duration that scales based on Drowned in Darness' Renown
Boots 6% 0.2 Tracking: +10% perception distance, +2 Trap detection Shadow Stride: Teleport behind an enemy and attack, dealing significant bonus damage. Damage scales with Renown.
Gauntlets 2.5 0.5 Shade Skin: -10% to all damage taken Shadow's Embrace: Shift into a shadow version of yourself. Deal bonus Arcane damage with each attack and gain bonus damage reduction. Scale with Renown.
Gauntlets 6% +0.2 Precision +9%
Mending: +20 Control Life
Orb of Life: Launch an orb of healing energy at a location. The orb will create a zone of restorative energy that will periodically heal any party member in the area. Effect scales.

(Bastard's Wound)
Sirin only
0 vs. Slash/Crush/Pierce
6 vs. Fire/Frost/Shock/Corrode/Arcane

+8 Accuracy
Falsetto: +1 Starting Breaths

Resounding Crescendo: Sirin performs ancient music learned from the Oldwalls and the passage of the Archon of Stone. Her voice rolls over the battlefield in waves, breaking the bones and scrambling the wits of her enemies. The potency of these effects scale with Resounding Crescendo's Renown.

(Bastard's Wound)
Gauntlets 6% +0.2 Precision +3%

Edged Defense': When critically hit inflict Bleeding for 10s. Save vs. Endurance.

The Quick and the Dead: Deal Raw damage to enemies around the wearer and leave them fatigued.

Head 1.5
3 vs. Slash and Crush damage
0.75 vs. Pierce and Fire damage
0.4 Adaptive: On weapon critical hit, +5 Quickness and Finesse for allies in a 5m radius for 20s Bend the Knee: Release a wave of energy in an area around you that reduces Endurance and Will defenses.
Head Render Judgment: On receiving critical hit, deal 23 Corrode damage to enemies in a 2.5m radius. Save vs. Endurance. Archon's Judgement: Judge an enemy, freezing them in a solid block of ice. Duration of freezing scales.
Head 2.5 0.5 Nullifying: +50 Defense against spells Arcane Unravelling: Fire a bolt of energy that explodes in an area around the target, Weakening and Fatiguing all Bane inside the radius. Effect scales.
Shield 0.5 Parry: +18
Dodge: +18
Endurance: +9
Azure Guard: +2 Parry when damaged
Champion's Boon: When activated, the Azure Shield grants its wearer a bonus to Quickness, movement speed, and Accuracy. Bonus scales.
Shield 0.8 Parry: +26
Dodge: +7
Endurance: +23
Bane Reprisal: On melee hit, deal 6 Arcane damage to target, +1 Armor (Arcane) for 6s on self
Leech Energy: Drain the health of nearby enemies. For every enemy affected, the wearer of Baneward gains a stacking Arcane bonus damage to their attacks. Bonuses scale.

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Header text
Arsenal.jpg Arsenal Acquire 5 Artifacts.
Legendary.jpg Legendary Acquire an Artifact.
Overkill.jpg Overkill Acquire 10 Artifacts.