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This page lists all artifact weapons found in Tyranny.

Obtaining artifacts[]

List of artifacts[]

Weapon Base damage Accuracy bonus Recovery penalty Armor penetration Price
Bronze Rings/Copper Rings

WPN ART 2H OBS Axe Deathbringer L.png WPN ART 2H OBS Sword Deathbringer L.png
Can be made in a variety of forms.
14-17 Slash vs. Parry 0 1.25 7 1/10 Enervating: On weapon critical hit, Target takes -5 Vitality for 20s.
Scythe of Years: Damage all enemies in a cone, ignoring their armor. All helpful effects on the targets are removed.
12-15 Slash/Pierce vs. Parry 6 0.25 1/10 Resolute': On critical hit, daze foes for 9.7s in 2m radius

Stalwart Surge: Raise the Dauntless high, releasing a wave of energy to stun all nearby enemies. Damage increases with the Dauntless's Renown.

9-12 Slash vs. Parry 19 0 0 22/30 Exsanguinating: +40% damage when below 35% health.
Heartseeker: Fire a bouncing bolt of energy. Each enemy that is hit takes piercing damage and transfers health to the wielder. Affected foes suffer reduction Might, Quickness, and Vitality. Healing scales with Renown.
10-16 Pierce vs. Parry 6 0.5 0 26/30 Frostbite: On weapon critical hit, Freeze enemy for 12s. Save vs. Endurance.
Winter's Fang: Freeze an enemy, sealing their fate. When the effect ends, the ice reforms dealing massive Frost damage. Damage scales with Renown.
20-25 Slash/Pierce vs. Parry 0 2 0 36/24 Charged: On weapon critical hit, deal 24-36 Shock damage to target.
Stormwheel: Conjure stormclouds overhead, bombarding the area with lightning. Bolts damage foes in an area around the strike. Damage scales with Renown.
24-30 Crush vs. Parry 0 2.25 5 36/24 Oppressing: On weapon critical, -4 Might for 20s on target.
Devastating: On weapon critical, push target back 0.5m, interrupt (Weak) for 1s
Bladestorm: Release blades of swirling death. The energy within Peacemaker covers the area with lightning, dealing slash and shock damage to all enemies. Damage scales with Renown.
16-18 Pierce vs. Dodge 0 2 6 38/27 Exhaustion: On weapon critical, target suffers -10% to Magic, Will, and Endurance defenses.
Chromatic Arrow: Fire a brilliant arrow. All enemies in its path take damage and are Blinded. Any Bane who are struck trigger a small explosion that deals Arcane damage to all Bane in the area. These effects scale with Renown.
10-11 Shock vs. Dodge 0 0.5 0 46/27 Distortion: +50% Graze and Hit deflection.
Slowing the Sands: Dramatically slow enemies in a targeted area. Effects scale with Renown.
19-20 Crush vs. Dodge 0 2.5 0 36/27 Depends on which piece of Cairn was used:
Cairn's Grace: +2 Finesse
Cairn's Potency: +2 Might
Cairn's Haste: +2 Quickness
Cairn's Tenacity: +2 Resolve
Cairn's Form: +2 Vitality
Cairn's Brilliance: +2 Wits
Evocation of Cairn: Enemies in the target area take Crush damage and are Petrified, while allies in the area receive a buff to Might, Vitality, and Resolve, as well as enhanced Armor versus Crush damage. Effects scale.
24-30 Crush vs. Parry 6 1.75 0 38/27 Oppressing: On weapon critical, make target Prone for 4s. Save vs. Endurance.
Devastating: On weapon critical, push target back 0.5m, interrupt (Weak) for 1s
Shockwave: Strike all enemies in a line with a massive shockwave of energy. Each enemy hit takes Crush damage until the end of combat. Damage scales with Renown.