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Artifact Hunter is a quest in Tyranny.


Raetommon has stolen the Magebane Helm from Lethian's Crossing. Find him and get the Helm back.


Twin Rivers[]

  • Once you arrive, it turns out that the mercenaries are fighting the Bane. Brother Caelus pleads with you for help. As an anarchist, you can help the Brotherhood defeat the enemy.This decision grants FavorSymbol bronzebrotherhood.png
  • Find Welby on the other side of the river, to the northeast. She will reveal that Raetommon had gone inside the Oldwalls at Twin Rivers. She also says that a man named Myrek has the Keystone required to get inside the Oldwalls - Myrek was headed toward Deserter's March. Find him there.

Deserter's March[]

  • Head directly north to find Locke and Myrek arguing. You can tell them both to stand down and, surprisingly, they will. Talking to Myrek will reveal that he's a fervent believer in Raetommon. You can attack or ask him to explain his position. He believes that all the men Raetommon killed were traitors. With Lore 48 you can point out that the Brotherhood must be rife with them.
  • Speaking to Locke will result in him attempting to convince Myrek to go against Raetommon, but the fool sticks to his guns. Er, warhammer. Kill him and loot his body for the keystone.
    • To convince Myrek to stand down, you must begin the conversation in a non-threatening manner, then:
      • snark that the Brotherhood must have a lot of traitors when Myrek claims that the executed Bronzemen were all traitors (Lore check);
      • mention how Raetommon have killed many of his own men at the Crossing (requires a Brotherhood garrison);
      • mention how unleashing the Bane has killed many Bronzemen (help out at Twin Rivers prior to the conversation (doesn't work on anarchist path, bug?)).

Going back[]

  • Return to Twin Rivers. Use the Oldwalls Keystone on the entrance and go in. This completes the quest.