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Apex was a mountainous realm to the east of The Bastard Tier. It stood by as their neighbors in the Bastard Tier fell to Kyros' armies. It wasn't until 429 TR that they tasted war, as a joint Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus force entered their realm, to take control over the Tiers' central valley.


The landlocked, mountainous land of Apex was once one of the four Younger Realms of the Tiers. Situated at the geographical center of the Tiers, the people of Apex are descended from seafarers but divorced from the ocean. They are masters of alpine living, and take great pride in their bronzework and beekeeping. More notably, the nobles of Apex have a rich tradition of warfare with their neighbors since its foundation in 2 TR. Its militant policies eventually backfired, when it faced a coalition of Haven, Azure, and Stalwart in 312 TR. Almost destroyed, Apex lost its lands outside Vendrien's Well, and reformed into an absolutist monarchy under the militant House Vendrien.[1]

After the fall of the Bastard Tier in 429 TR, the Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus had pushed deep into the Tiers. Apex was the first of the Younger Realms to face Kyros' forces. Despite requests for help sent out by Vendrien Alanta, Queen of the Mountain Spire]], Apex faced the invaders alone. Apex fell in the year 429 TR after Kyros' armies successfully crushed the army of the Vendrien Guard. The survivors swore an oath of fealty to the Overlord in the Hall of Ascension, traditional throne room of the rulers of Apex.


The Kingdom of Apex was an absolutist monarchy, ruled by a single royal sovereign out of the Ascension Hall, with multiple noble houses playing a vital role in regional politics. The most important of these are Houses Vendrien (the ruling house since 312 TR), Pelox, Tarkis, and Matani. House members go by their house name and then given name, in this order.[1]


The military arm of Apex was the Queen's Royal Army of Vendrien, a standing force composed of infantry contributed by the noble houses. Their defeat in 429 TR resulted in the disbanding of the Army. It reformed in 431 TR as the insurgent Vendrien Guard.[2]

During Conquest[]

Apex is one of two postings the Young Fatebinder can opt for in year 2, the other being Lethian's Crossing.

  • By selecting Apex, you will leave the Bronze Brotherhood in control of the Crossing. The Brotherhood does not operate a brothel, and the quests Remnants and Blind Ambition will be unavailable to you.
  • The dilemma involving Cairn's actions at Edgering Fort can provide you evidence against Graven Ashe in A Trial of Archons.
  • The final dilemma of the region involves Vendrien Alanta, the last Queen of Apex. Killing her will bar you from the Rebel path, while negotiating peace will earn you Favor with the Vendrien Guard.


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