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Alchemist's Gloves is an artifact in Tyranny.


The leather padding surrounding these gloves is dotted with sewn pockets containing herbs, lozenges, and packets of powder commonly found in healing remedies.

Gloves like these were originally designed centuries ago by the Archon of Humors, an accomplished magician known in his day for destabilizing the balance of liquids in his enemies. With a flick of his wrist, he would cause internal hemorrhaging, mood adjustments, and unforgettable bowel disruption. Whole battles were won by his spellcasting, which left enemy combatants clutching their guts and leaking uncontrollably.

When there wasn't an uprising to quell, the Archon made use of his time improving upon accepted healing techniques. He even invented several of the practices commonly found today. Leeching and the siphoning of fluids came from his influence, and herbs long avoided as poisons were repurposed for purging solutions. Many of his lesser-known advancements in the healing art are of questionable validity, and should be used with caution.


  • Manufactured at a Forge. Iron rings. One iron ring equals 100 bronze rings and 10 000 copper rings. 1 Spire resource hide L.png 10