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Against All Odds is a quest in Tyranny.


You rallied the people of the Tiers and formed a united alliance. You must now take the war to Graven Ashe and the Voices of Nerat to attain final victory.


With Final Judgement
  • Note that with the proper setup, you can win Tunon's fealty in Final Judgement. Also, you can convict and get rid of Ashe at the trial of Archons. Mark is then disposed of at the end of your trial.
  • At the conclusion of The Third Degree, you can send Verse (with at least 4 Loyalty) to Nerat, and she'll take over the Voices.
If Final Judgement is not completed

Once all is said and done, you are the new Archon of the Tiers - and potential new Overlord. Only one step remains: Dealing with the Overlord's armies marching on the Tiers.