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A Person of Interest is a side quest in Tyranny.


Disfavored: Vintara, the Disfavored peace-keeper in Lethian's Crossing told you about a criminal named Gino who has been stealing food and supplies from families in the area. The Disfavored have put a hefty bounty on the thief's head.


  • Find Gino in Deserter's March or speak with Gino in Lethian's Crossing West after the attack, depending on your path. He will ask you to find out who is spreading bad rumors about him. He will suggest you speak to the other merchants in town. After talking to them, your quest will update and you can confront Gino about what he accidentally saw at his secluded fishing hole..
  • Unless you kill him on sight and take Gino's Ear back to Vintara as proof (Disfavored path only), Gino will insist he is not a thief. To gain his cooperation, you will have to return to the Crossing and interview the merchants (Merchant Basila and Merchant Helina), until you find Alagan. Talk to him about the charges, then verify them with Eldian.
  • Return to Gino. He will explain that the bounty was placed on his head to stop him from telling anyone about a group of Disfavored soldiers burying bodies near Twin Rivers nearly a year ago.
  • Travel to Twin Rivers to confirm his words. You will discover that the Disfavored squad was burying a group of Chorus Blood Chanters who were butchered years before the war between the two armies broke out. It appears Ashe was attempting to cover it up by having the only witness killed. This knowledge counts as evidence against Ashe in A Trial of Archons.
  • Now that you have this information...
    • In the Disfavored path, you can speak with Vintara in Lethian's Crossing and clear his name. She will balk at first, but then relent, clearly uncomfortable with the orders she received.
    • In other paths, you can inform Gino of Alagan's treachery, or lie to chase Gino out of the Crossing. For the former, Gino will then ask you to talk to Eldian to clear his name.