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A Daunting Path is a quest in Tyranny.


Mattias, leader of the Unbroken, has been boxed in at Trapper's Junction and is unable to rejoin his forces at Duskwatch. Travel there and aid him.


  • Travel to Trapper's Junction and recon the area. You will find a dying Unbroken Sky Blade who will explain the situation to you.
  • Approach the barricades in the center of the Junction and talk with the sentries. Mattias will come forth and explain the situation. It is, in a word, dire. He will ask you to find a solution, after falling out with Irentis. Note that you can slap some sense into him with words first This decision grants FavorSymbol unbroken.png, and then with your fist This decision incurs WrathSymbol unbroken.png.
  • There are two basic routes:
    • Talk to Irentis about the Dauntless, then travel to the infested Oldwalls and recover it. Its appearance will provide the troops with a surge of patriotic fervor that will allow them to eliminate the enemy. This should be done if you intend to Betray Alliance later, as the Dauntless is an artifact which Bleden Mark wants you to retrieve.
    • Kill the Scarlet Chorus yourself and free Mattias.
  • Either way, you are told that the next stop in securing Unbroken allegiance to your cause is finding the Steadfast Insignia to enter Sentinel Stand. Head to Elia at the Rust Canyons.